I am good at writing. Regardless of the size of the project, I instinctively know how the shape of the story should go, working at the big picture level. I can spot holes in the story, and figure what should go there and how much.

At the detailed end of the picture, I am good at fleshing out the intricate details. I am pretty methodical and focussed, and can churn out quality work fast.

As I am multi-skilled, I can support the text with appropriate pictures. I know when to create the picture myself, and when to use clipart or stockphotos.

  • Manuals — This category includes user guides, training manuals, policy manuals, procedure manuals, etc. When writing manuals, I generally use Microsoft Word because it is a standard format and when I am not around, other people can work on the manuals.

  • Help — To generate help, I am currently using Doc-To-Help to generate JavaHelp and HTML Help. Doc-To-Help is great for managing single source content.

  • Websites — I use a PHP wiki with PHP structured text, which is great for concentrating on the content without getting too bogged down in HTML code. It's flexible enough so that I can embed HTML for more specialised requirements. I use a CSS for the visual presentation.

    Some sample websites — PowerHealth Solutions, PowerClinical , an artist website.

  • Brochures — My first preference is use Microsoft Word, as it means everyone else can edit if required. But when required, I do known to use more the specialised publishing products such as Adobe InDesign and CorelDRAW.

  • Press releases — I usually post the press release first on the website, and e-mail the link, a PDF file and a text file to the media. Newspapers seem to still like faxes, so I do that too.

    Sample list of press releases.

  • Newsletters — Again Microsoft Word for general editability.

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