I worked in the OriginPLUS team, writing online help for the OriginPLUS development tool used by the IT department to develop their workers compensation application.

I used Microsoft Word with macros to create the WinHelp codes, generate RTF and fed them through the WinHelp compiler. The WorkCover IT programmers were my customers and I got pretty quick feedback if my help content wasn't easily understood.

I think I wrote a few paper manuals to start with, until we abandoned them as being too cumbersome. The online help was context-sensitive so that wherever the user hit F1, the right help page could open up.


Other documentation projects, some of which were done for the PR department included:

  • WISE Link

  • Safety Achiever Bonus Scheme

  • Exempt Employers Scheme.


I also got roped into doing various brochures, presentations, banners, etc.


I even wrote the IT department monthly newsletter, called Floppy Bits.

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