Power Solutions staff

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Screen design

I started very early in the project, mocking up screens in Visual Basic. When we moved into the coding phase, I created the screens directly in JBuilder and passed them to the programmers.

Technical writing

I wrote the user manuals and online help, using Doc-To-Help for single source content. With most of the established products already documented, the maintenance effort is low. There will be another surge soon as the new gets closer to being ready to be documented.

Database reporting & System testing

I wrote many system reports using Crystal Reports. I also did system testing.

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I also write press releases and produce other marketing materials, eg brochures, presentations, banners, posters, etc.


Last year I completely redesigned the PowerHealth Solutions company website, using a PHP wiki, producing a result that the sales people were proud to be associated with and no longer had to cringe when handing over their business cards, knowing that the contact was going to check out the website.

This currently consumes a fair bit of my time, as the we use it to coordinate the press releases and other marketing activities and campaigns, such as webcasts, user conferences, etc.

I also created another the PowerClinical website for a subsidiary company.

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