I worked on the HealthCare 2000 project as an Application Presentation Specialist. This was my first job in the healthcare industry.

My job covered a wide spectrum of responsibilities, including:

  • Screen design — This was my first big job doing screen design. I wrote a GUI standards manual as a guide for all the programmers. All the screen designs at the specification phase came to me and I mocked them up in Visual Basic

  • User manuals — There were many volumes which ended up encased in many large white binders.

  • Online help — I used Microsoft Word and macros to create the WinHelp codes, saved each file as RTF. then fed it all into the WinHelp compiler.

  • Marketing materials — Brochures and posters. As this was the biggest and newest project in the health industry, there was a lot of marketing to do.

  • Presentations — The managers and business analysts were always busy conducting seminars and suchlike, spreading the word. They loved having me as it meant that they would be supported with top quality material. I even helped various people write their papers for conferences.

  • Visual Basic programming — Near the end of the project, the team was foundering as the then Problem Reporting System was very cumbersome, being based on a bunch of Word macros. My first Visual Basic program was a replacement system with Crystal Reports. It was fun but it was new ground for me — using new products, and even more terrifying, supporting a live system with real people who complained real loud if it fell over.

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